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Instructions for Drug Tests
Urine Drug Test Instructions
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  Remove test from foil pouch at room temperature. Take off the cap revealing the testing strip(s).
  Immerse test vertically in the urine sample for at least 10 - 15 seconds. Do not allow the specimen to touch the device housing
  Read at five (5) minutes. Results stable up to four (4) hours.
iScreen Oral Swab Drug Test Instructions
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  Section I: Sample Collection
Instruct the donor not to place anything in the mouth including food, drink, gum, or tobacco products for at least 10 minutes prior to collection.

Remove Sample Collector Protector

Insert Sponge end of collector into mouth

Actively swab the inside of mouth and tongue with Sponge. As soon as the Sponge softens slightly, gently press the Sponge between the tongue and teeth to ensure complete saturation. The Sponge is saturated when no hard spots can be felt. Collect for at least three (3) minutes before removing Sponge.

Hand the saturated sponge over to the tester.
Section II: Testing

  A. Align the Red Arrow on the device with either one of the White Marks on the Cap. Insert the collector vertically into the Cap and press down firmly until the cap reaches the thread.
B. Twist the Handle clockwise 180° to tighten the Cap until the Red Arrow lines up with the White Mark
C. Place test device horizontally on a clean level surface with the result window facing up.

Read Results at 10 minutes. Do not read results after 1 hour.
All positive results are presumptive and should be confirmed by an alternate method. The preferred confirmatory method is GC/MS or GC/MS/MS.

If results are positive, secure Cap with Security Seal and send to laboratory for confirmation.
Hair Sample Drug Test Instructions
Additional Materials for Hair Collection:
1. Hair clip    2. Scissors    3. Ball point pen    4. Alcohol wipe
  Wipe the scissors with an alcohol wipe. Select a long, thin strip of hair (equal to the diameter of a pencil or a soda straw when placed in the Collection Foil) and clip the hair sample as close to the scalp as possible. You should collect 90 to 120 strands of hair. More strands are needed if the hair is less than 1.5 inches long or if hair is extremely thin. Collect from several locations if hair is very short.

A. Place the root ends of the sample on the tab end of the Collection Foil.

B. Crimp the tab end over the root ends of the sample.

C. Straighten the hair lengthwise along the center of the Collection Foil.

D. Fold the Collection Foil in half along the center line.

E. Fold the Collection Foil lengthwise again.

Sample is ready to place in the Hair Specimen Pouch.

Place the Collection Foil in the Hair Specimen Pouch. Seal the pouch with the security label provided on the Chain of Custody Form (CCF). Have donor put their initials and the date on the security label and complete step 5 on Copy 2 of the CCF.

Place sealed Hair Specimen Pouch into the clear Specimen Bag. Place the white copy of the CCF into the Specimen Bag and seal the bag. Specimen is now ready for shipment.

Procedure for Using Foil
1. Place ROOT END at the EDGE of the foil where it is marked "Place ROOT END HERE".
2. Straighten hair to full length along center crease of foil keeping the root ends together at the edge of the foil.
3. Fold foil down center line.
4. Fold again LENGTHWISE.
5. Wrap any excess hair extending beyond foil around the foil.
6. Place in collection envelope.
Alco-Screen Alcohol Test Strips Instructions
Do not place anything in mouth for at least 10 minutes prior to testing.

  Tear open the pouch and saturate the reactive pad on the end of the stick with saliva from mouth or cup for 10 seconds.
  Remove stick from mouth or cup.
  After exactly 2 minutes match the color on the pad to the color chart.
Negative - No color change
Positive - Reactive Pad changes color in 2 minutes

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