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beat a drug test
All testimonials below are true testimonials sent in by our Satisfied Customers. If you'd like to put your story below email us at [email protected]
Ryan - Omaha, NE    
I want to thank you for the great phone support, and the excellent advice you gave me to help me pass my urine test. Everything you said was on the money. I received my detox drink at 9:00 am and PASSED! You are a life saver I will recommend you to everyone I know.
Steven - Chicago, IL    
I have received your request for a testimonial so I will just say that I have used your detox drink on several occasions and passed with flying colors every time. It sure is nice to know that I can enjoy my one and only vice and that I don't have to worry about the legal invasion of my privacy when it does take place. In your e-mail you stated that I would recieve a free drug test for a testimonial although I would give you a testimonial without the free gift because your product has worked great for me.
Tim - Holland    
I recently had a drug test at work, and thanks to the cherry flavored drink I was able to pass with flying colors. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well without having to change any of my "fun" habits.
Joe - Ontario, Canada    
Sirs, I've used your product three times for THC testing, as early as two hours before testing and have passed all required tests. It's nice to have you as a friend at a time when it's really needed.
Randall - Huntington, IN    
I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product. My husband got his job offer today (over 50K a year) from a LARGE corporation that does extensive drug testing as part of their pre-employment screening...and he passed! He smoked pot everyday until he found out that he was getting drug tested, then stopped a few weeks before he actually took it. The company did a hair test and your shampoo worked! I would buy the product again in a heartbeat, and will recommend you to all that need it. Your staff was very knowledgeable, and gave my husband a few tips, which really helped us! Thanks again,
A Really Satisfied Customer!    
I just wanted to tell you I used your shampoo and I passed the hair test with no problem. I would recommend your products to anyone.
Charlie, VA    
Cannot thank you guys enough for your hair follicle shampoo. I had to take a hair drug test. This was a pre-employment test at the job of a life time. I passed it!. Again thank you for your product. Keep up the good work.
Chris in Minnesota    
Hi, I am the lady that ordered the drink from you last week. My son had been expelled from school, and they told him at first to take a blood test, then figured out that marijuana doesn't show up in the blood like it does the urine, so they decided on a lab tested urine test that is sent out. Well, he passed it, thank God. I am just writing to thank you so much, and I am so glad I found your website just in the nick of time. This saved his life, he would have been expelled from school for a year, and lost his scholarship. Thank you again.
Melanie B    
Your products really do work! I was very apprehensive (understatement of the year!) about an upcoming test that would make or break many aspects of my life. There was no way I had the time to go "clean" for 30+ days, and your products were my last hope...and thanks to the detox drink, and home test kit, I made it through with flying colors! ( I did find the fruit punch flavor very palatable). Thanks again!
Hello, I had someone else purchase your product for me online so my name would appear on nothing. Recently at work some employees got into legal trouble out of work. The owners decided that they would start testing all employees at random and hired a company to do this. I think what I do on my own time is my own business, but they have already fired several people. I am not a big partier, but if I had a few friends over for my birthday or an old classmate comes over and offers me something, it should be my own decision whether or not I partake. I am keeping your product in the fridge for those special occasions. I hope this will help me relax a little if it works as advertised. Thanks for being there.
I have used your synthetic urine sample to test negative on the random tests that I have been subject to at work - so far all is well. I would like to continue to use your product as it seems to work without fail. I would also like to thank you for marketing this product and saving my job. And helping numerous other people from termination of employment. Thanks Again,
Ron G K    
Had not used marijuana for nearly 20 years, but a 30 year high school class reunion provided both time and opportunity for a couple hits off of a joint. I thought it was harmless enough at the time as I had no intention of renewing my long departed habit. However, 3 weeks later I was hired into a new professional position that required a drug test, and I couldn't be sure how I would test. So, I purchased 3 THC tests with next day delivery, and two separate tests in my home with negative results, provided the peace of mind and assurance that I would pass the REAL test the following week...which I did.
Carl S    
I'm an engineer in the oil industry, working 3 week on-off rotation. Despite the fact that I do not operate any machinery or equipment that might endanger others, or even myself, I'm required to be subjected to random urine testing. This is highly inconvenient, as it conflicts with my right to enjoy a few reefers on my hard-earned time off. (Then you have the police in Sydney conducting sniffer dog searches of the general public on trains and in the street.) Hello!? Anyone heard of the concept of Human Rights?? Seeing as discretion is the better part of valor, I choose to avoid conflict with the powers that be, and go along with all this. It's either that or no job. I've successfully used your products from your companies in the past, with a 100% success rate (so far!). Thank You,
Justin N.    
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